Tip: Clean the Grill With an Onion

clean grill with onion
clean grill with onion
Image credit:Thekitchn.com

Your grill needs to be clean all the time to keep whatever you are preparing safe for consumption. How do you go about cleaning your grill when you have finished preparing your delicacy? You may be spending a lot of cash buying products used for cleaning it without the knowledge that you can make it clean using simple items found at your home.
To your amazement, just know that from today, you can Clean the Grill using just two items. You will just need an onion and a fork. Anything that remains on the grills after roasting your food will never have to be left there when you have a slice of onion. To Clean the Grill does no require you to rub it using steel wire or any hard stuff.

You will never see cleaning your grill as a hard endeavor as it used to be in the past.