How to Clean Everything in Your Home

clean everything at home
clean everything at home
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Cleaning can be, in and of itself, a daunting task. And there are certain things that, frankly, seem impossible to cleanse properly, or that we don’t even know they should be cleansed, much less how to go about it. Yet most of us hold in our pantries all the ingredients needed to make the most powerful cleaning solutions and stain removers to clean everything in your home.
There are certain household items that you can find in every kitchen or medicine cabinet and have so many applications that don’t have anything to do with their intended use, and they work like magic when used to remove a stain or freshen odors. Armed with things like vinegar, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide you can wage war against the toughest, seemingly impossible stains on things you never even imagined could be scrubbed.

Most concoctions are so effective they can completely replace their conventional (and chemical) counterparts.