Owl Cake Tutorial

Owl Cake Tutorial

Image credit:Joyfullyhome.com

If you’re thinking of the perfect gift for someone you know who happens to be an owl enthusiast, or a lover of animals and the mysterious night creatures, then this pretty unique cake creation is one quite thoughtful gift you can give. Bake an adorable owl cake that’s ideal for both boys and girls and any special occasion, which everyone will surely love whether young or old alike. It is bound to melt hearts and will make the person you give it to “Whoo”, or rather woot with delight!
This is not your ordinary cake that’s simply lying around coated in icing and sprinkled with some sweets or toppers. Your owl is proudly perched right on the cake stand. Its round eyes pleading with cuteness and plump colorful feathers make it a very beautiful sight. View the tutorial here:

DIY Owl Cake Tutorial

See how cool and easy it is to make this cake with a streamlined step by step procedure!

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