K-Cups Creator Regrets Inventing Them

creatork-cup regrets inventing them

Image credit:Takepart.com

Almost everyone seems to love K-Cups. After all, not only are they the easiest and quickest way to make coffee, but these coffee pods also allow users to make a range of different coffee and tea variations which they may only have been able to enjoy at Starbucks before. Like most things in life, however, the easy and disposable K-Cups do have a major strike against them – they are bad for the environment. And that is why an ingenious group of people have launched the “Kill the K-Cup” campaign.
Curious about why Sylvan would support a campaign which aims at “killing” his own invention? Read what he had to say about the subject here.

K-Cups Creator Regrets Inventing Them

The inventor of K-Cups himself, John Sylvan, who even admits he “regrets” inventing the nifty small plastic pods.

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