HOW TO: Use Old CDs for Mosaic Craft Projects – DIY Kitchen Backsplash Tips and Tricks


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You probably aren’t sure how to use those old CDs all over in your house. It doesn’t help if you are conscious of the environment as some cities do not accept used CDs for recycling. But did you know there is a way you can put the old CDs into good use?

The backsplash is very beautiful and impressive: it creates a colorful and tantalizing show each time some light falls on it, bringing more light to your kitchen space, and relieving you of the need to use artificial light in the kitchen during the day. Here are all the tips and tricks one needs to create a mosaic backsplash of his own from old CDs.

HOW TO: Use Old CDs for Mosaic Craft Projects

It is easy to understand and execute!

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