How to Make a Your Own Pool From Only 9 Pallets

Make a Your Own Pool

Image credit:Torben Jung

Summer is here and the weather is extremely hot. Many people use a pool as a good way to beat the heat. Do you have a pool? Well, no problem if you don’t have one. Read on and discover how you can easily and creatively make your own swimming pool. Moreover, it is cheap and the upshot is both functional and fetching.


· 9 wooden pallets: Can be purchased online for around $6 each.

· Several sheets of tarpaulin: cost around $30

· Several towels

· A plastic sheet

· Ratchet straps


1. First, create the base of the pool. Lay out a piece of tarpaulin on the ground, where the pool is to be located.

2. Craft the sides of the pool. Lay and arrange your pallets out on their sides with the plat bits positioned inwards in a nonagon shape. You need a bigger pool? Just, use more pallets.

3. Fasten the pallets. Make your pallets firm. Use ratchet straps to firmly secure and hold the pallets together.

4.Seal the pool. Using a large plastic sheet, line the pool and use the towels (or any padding) to cushion the corners.

5.Lay out a second layer of tarpaulin to cover the padding and ensure no water escapes or leaks from the pool through the pallets.

6. Add a sheet of pool liner. Why? It is safe and makes the pool extra cozy and waterproof.

7. Finally, you can trim the exterior depending on what you desire and to avoid the rustic look.
Pool From Pallets

Image credit:Torben Jung

Presto! Enjoy a terrific dip!

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