50 Random Ideas That Make Life Easier

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Combine ingenious, ridiculously simple yet effective DIY with fascinating tips and tricks, and what do you get? 50 Random Tips & Tricks that everyone can read and learn from! The ideas in this list will make you scratch your head or make you laugh out loud while wondering “this is such a great idea! why haven’t I thought of it before?”.
These life hacks will make everything in your life easier with the use of ordinary tools and things that are found just lying about the house. It covers all aspects of everyday living, from finding a use for binder clips to save you time in the bathroom, or how to remove your kid’s crayon marks from the walls, tables and the floor, to filling in a loose screw to your glasses in a bind. Check the full list here:

50 Random Ideas That Make Life Easier

These astounding tips are sure to open your mind to the possibilities that some of the best things in life are free!

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