3 Ingredient Strawberries and Cream Lemonade Pops

strawberries and cream lemonade pops

Ice pops are among the favorites of kids and adults alike when escaping the summer heat, or when looking for a cool, tasty snack! Fruit pops take very little time to prepare, and disappear faster down people’s mouths. For such a great snack, you certainly want to prepare it as soon as possible, taking very little trouble to gather up the ingredients, and even less time in mixing and preparing the treat.

Fear not, fellow snacker, because there is such as thing as a 3- ingredient strawberries and cream lemonade pops, and they only take less than 5 minutes to make and pop in the freezer before anyone can see them!

3 Ingredient Strawberries and Cream Lemonade Pops

Get the full instructions and soon you will be licking away at these delicious treats!

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