19 Incredible Ways to use a Cookie Cutter

use of Cookie Cutter

Image credit:Howdoesshe.com

19 ways to use a cookie cutter? This question was the first thing that crossed my mind when I came across what I imagined was an extravagant claim. However, by the time I was reading the 19th use, I had to agree that indeed the cookie cutter is among the most versatile kitchen gadgets.

You can use the cookie cutter for many tasks inside and outside the kitchen. In the kitchen, uncommon uses include using the cookie when making homemade chips and festive snacks. Out of the kitchen, your cookie cutter can come in handy as a soap and candle mol. If you’ve been using the cookie cutter for a sole purpose, you may want to read the awesome 18 other uses.

19 Incredible Ways to use a Cookie Cutter

Many of the incredible uses will look so natural to the cookie cutter.

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